The Capital City of the Eshait Region

Currently ruled by the High Elves due to the Elven Incursion 15 years piror to the beginning of this story.

A large circular city with high walls surrounding the central structures, just outside the city there are smaller, more run down homes and businesses.

The city is broken into several districts inside the city walls
- The Golden District
– Containing the Castle and High Society
- The Temple District
– Containing various temples for multiple religions
- The Western District
– Main shopping district
- The Southern Disctrict
– The main living area within the city walls for those of lower status, typically called the Slums
- The Lightbearer District
– Holding Cells and barracks

The outer areas of the city contains the majority of the public population

Upon seeing the city, it looks like a golden jewel in the middle of a vast valley.


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