Maynard Ashtide

The Shopkeep and Owner of the General Goods store in Parabor


A young man with light skin and dark brown hair. Typically wears blues robes with ornate decorations and jewelry.

Has a very flamboyant persona.


Came to Parabor as an orphan from Zillia after the High Eleven Incursion killed his parents, thus holds very low regards for any Elves, particularly High Elves.
Before escaping the carnage that occurred in Zillia, he witnessed then attempted summoning of a fallen god by a member of the Fallen. Although the summoning failed, he was cursed and branded by the entity before the ritual stopped.

Naturally gifted Wizard, learned some skills from the Master Elaria Feywind before being cast out for aggression towards another Elven student.
Now owns and runs the General Store in Parabor.

During his time he learned more about the Fallen, namely who they are and what they represent. He has learned that they had a hand in the High Elven Incursion and could very well be the reason it occurred.

He is bound to the Fallen’s High Cleric, signified by the ring of Asmodeus on his right hand which was noticed by Gallean

Maynard Ashtide

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